Show off ...
...without showing it all!

From lounging to living, we’ve got you covered.
Your way to braless living
Give your girls a hug!

JJs were designed so you can move about freely, both in and out of the bedroom. Say goodbye to the panic of surprise visits, and the endless cycle of old sweatpants. Our buttery soft JJs are tagless, flattering, and inside our tops is a Light Hug™ giving great coverage for all boob shapes and sizes. Get our JJs on - and never have to take them off.

From Zzz to Zoom meetings

Just rolled out of bed? Your secret is safe with us. Shop our collections that will make getting out of bed easier than ever.

JJ Face Covers

Be a little more comfy when you have to cover your kisser.

Luxuriously soft Modal® fabric

Not only are the Lenzing Modal® fibers biodegradable and compostable, but extremely breathable for maximum coziness. But we don’t stop there, ensuring our pieces are shipped in recyclable packaging. Now that’s what we call that a win-win.

Good for your globes, and the globe!

Thoughtfully made in L.A. with Lenzing Modal® fabric, these fibers are biodegradable and compostable, plus extremely breathable for maximum coziness. What’s not to love?

As seen in...

Loungewear that makes an impact

The loungewear made for living has even more good news. Every piece we create is designed in L.A. and made with Lenzing Modal® fabric. These plant-based fibers not only have a super low environmental impact when it comes to harvest and production, but they’re biodegradable and compostable. To ensure we’re as sustainable as possible in every part of our process, we use recyclable packaging with each order. So you can kick, back, relax, and just breathe - because this is your most breathable loungewear yet.

For women, by women.
Because we know boobs.

The story of two best friends, who were tired of choosing between unflattering loungewear or too-revealing sleepwear, and decided women deserve to feel sexy and comfortable. JJ's were created for women on the go, busy moms, professionals and every woman in between.