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"Buttery soft, high quality apparel with a purpose. Sustainably produced in Los Angeles, CA."

Bra-like modesty....without the underwire & discomfort.

Tired of wearing a bra? Well, meet the Light Hug®.

Say goodbye to the panic of unexpected guests & the endless cycle of old sweatshirts. Our buttery soft tops are tagless, flattering, and inside each top is a Light Hug® giving breathable, gentle coverage for all boob shapes & sizes.

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"Ok no lie - this material is a godsend. It is literally the softest material I've ever felt. The true test was the "no-bra" insert and, for me, it passed the test."

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"Their so-called 'light hug' built into tops keeps even D-cups in check. Pair it with their stylish pants - all are made in the USA - and a long sweater, and no one will be any the wiser."

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"Pieces come in understated hues with timeless elegance - no cutesy or immature designs."

Because we know women.

The story of two best friends, who were tired of choosing between unflattering loungewear or too-revealing sleepwear, and decided women deserve to feel sexy and comfortable. JJs were created for women on the go, busy moms, professionals and every woman in between.

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