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Wondering what to wear on a plane during the Spring? Here’s an idea

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Most of us want to look stylish whenever we’re away on business – and that includes when we’re at the airport or hopping on a flight.

But worrying about what to wear on a plane and finding travel outfits that are on-trend and comfortable – and especially for long haul travel- can often prove tricky through the seasons.

Classic, smart jeans aren’t always the best choice and a standard pair of black leggings never hits the spot.

Most female business travelers want to wear comfortable pants, a relaxed, loose fitting top and to be able to throw on a wrap or cardigan if they feel cold.

Easy to mix and match colors are also a popular choice, but above all businesswomen who travel often want to maintain a good sense of style.

Enter JJ Winks and this collection of glamorous-looking, comfortable day and nightwear could be just the ticket for the Spring.

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