Our Story

Our brand was formed out of necessity. Co-created by two friends who were simply tired of not being able to find chic leisure that didn’t require a bra or bulky insert. We wanted modesty around their family members yet to feel attractive and stylish for our husbands or unexpected guests.

We kept asking each other, why did sleepwear only come in two styles: sexy lingerie that can’t leave the bedroom or modest granny flannels that flatter absolutely no one? While there was plenty of loungewear out there, most either require a bra or have built in pads that no woman wants to sleep in. But, let’s face it – friends and family don’t want to see your headlights. That’s how JJwinks was born.

Our “Light Hug®” allows you to lounge and live braless and also be able to sleep in our tops. Our bottoms are fit to flatter any age and any figure. Both are modest enough for surprise guests and comfy enough to catch a few winks. All in luxurious fabrics and made in Los Angeles.

At JJwinks we are driven by the belief that a woman is never truly comfortable until she unsnaps that bra and sets the ta-ta’s free. The best surprise is we found we aren't alone.  Our customers have been aching to go braless -- not just around the house, but everywhere.

No longer just sleep and loungewear, our styles have expanded now at our customers' request. We want you to discover JJs for running errands, entertaining friends, date night and casual office outfits. We are all so busy! Make your wardrobe do more. Explore our range and discover how JJwinks can transform your wardrobe, making everyday fashion decisions effortless and your apparel investments go further.

We are grateful that JJwinks has been online since 2018, building an addictive following. Once customers try us, they become loyal fans. So give JJs a try. Our proof of concept is confirmed daily by the incredible reviews we get and customers telling us how living bra free in JJwinks has changed their lives.

Get your JJs on.

Lisa & Kelly