Become a JJ ambassador and make us your new side hustle

If you are a fan of our brand, we would love to have you join our team. We offer an affiliate program where you can earn back 10% for all of the sales that you bring to our site.

How to apply:  Go to  Once you apply, we can send you your own personal link to share with your friends and followers.

What to do with the link: Share it in an email or on social media. Encourage your friends to click on the link and start shopping. As a JJ Ambassador, you will be a JJ insider and be made aware of upcoming sales and new styles to help give you reasons to reach out to friends on a regular basis. Help us share our culture of lounging chic.

Why make us your side hustle: With an average order value of $130, the 10% can add up.  

How do you get paid: We do bi-weekly payouts. All we need is your paypal info and you will receive a direct deposit whenever your referrals order JJs.

Please reach out if you have any questions. Click on our Customer Service tab to send us an email.

Now, go get your JJ’s on