Copy of JJ Environmental Efforts

Good for your globes, and good for the globe.

When we set out to make our girlfriends better jammies, we knew we had to do it with the least impact to the environment as possible.

At JJwinks, sustainability is at the core of what we do.

  • We make in LA: We regularly visit our manufacturer and enjoy seeing the workers in a healthy environment where we can monitor each step of our production.
  • We use eco-friendly fabrics, knitted in LA:  Modal is a rayon cellulose fiber derived from the wood pulp of the Beechwood Tree using water conservation during the process.
  • We take care in how we ship our products: JJs are kept in poly bags made of a compostable material and shipped in a reusable and recycled poly mailer. It looks plain, but our packaging is lackluster for this reason.

We know that even with those efforts, it is impossible to be 100% emission free. 

Our partners in carbon neutrality...


  • Hudson Farm Management Project
    Covering over 3,600 acres in northern New Jersey, Hudson Farms is one of the largest working forests in the state. The project helps biodiversity thrive by preserving local habitats.



  • Crow Lake Wind, South Dakota
    A 36,000 acre wind farm in Chamberlain, South Dakota with an installed capacity of 162 MW that can power up to 129,000 homes.


YOU are an essential part of the carbon neutral journey. We give to these projects with each purchase you make.

We are committed to green practices in every aspect of our business and are always looking for ways to make our business activities more environmentally friendly. 

Get your JJs on and Lounge Sustainably.