The JJ Difference ( OLD )


Our signature achievement is our ability to create sleepwear that, whether lounging or sleeping, allows you to look sexy and stylish without flashing your headlights at everyone in your home.

Other loungewear and sleepwear companies show you models with perfect looking boobs whose nipples must be airbrushed out because once you get that top home, your girls are poking right through it. So, you end up wearing a confining bra or bralet underneath it until you go to bed and then you have to take the bra off. Not with JJs!

No loungewear exist like ours. If your teenage son and his friends show up unexpected, who cares – because you’ve got your JJs on!

Our Mission began as a desire for better sleepwear, but evolved into the creation of a whole new category of sleepwear/loungewear that women are wearing everywhere and not just in the house.

The JJ Fit

Our Light Hug™ has no underwire and fits loose and always feels free.

Whether you have implants or not, our tops provide comfy coverage.  Our fabrics are buttery soft and provide breathable all-night comfort. 

Premium Features

  • No drawstring bottoms.
  • Tag-less labels don’t scratch
  • Available sizes range from XS to XL
  • Machine Washable 

The JJ Look 

Ready for bed or unexpected guests. Classic, stylish and comfy.

Understated hues with timeless elegance – no cutesy or immature designs. The shirring in our tops is subtle and is the design element that enables you to look like you have a bra on, yet the Light Hug™ inside is not too fitted to sleep in. Our bottoms flatter the curves yet cover the muffin top.

While we designed JJs for sleeping and lounging, our customers tell us they are not just wearing theirs out of the bedroom, but everywhere.  Dare to dress yours up.  Take the cozy comfort with you. 


The JJ Moment

The moment you realize you need to get your JJs on

Women are eager to share their experiences with us about when they knew it was time to try our product.

When the unexpected guest shows up and you're sitting around in your ratty t-shirt with your headlights flashing.  Whether in the living room or dorm room, we've all had that!  Or, in the morning chaos, being so tired of having to throw a bra on every time you head out for school drop off.  Eventually, we all have that moment.

JJwinks solves these problems once and for all with a unique (and trademarked) one-of-a-kind construction. So, what are you waiting for?

Get your JJs on.