Girl Trips and why they are good for the soul

Girl Trips and why they are good for the soul

I’ve been a girl tripper my whole adult life. Since we have does some big promos lately for our new “Girl Trip” short nightgown, we think it’s fitting to explain why girl trips have a special place in our hearts. Plotting a weekend away with girlfriends every once in a while takes some effort but is always worth it. During the different phases in life, these trips will take on different meanings and purpose. As I look back, I see them as one of the most significant contributors to my happiness.

Girl trips when you are young and single are all about getting away from the boys you needed to get away from, to party with your girls and use it a chance to look for new boys. Let’s face it, they are simpler times.

Early in my marriage it was one of the only ways my husband and I could get a break from the kids. It was hard to leave them with family too much, so we would take separate trips on occasion.  He would stay home with the kids, while I would get some much needed quality time with my girlfriends. He would do the same with his friends. He and I realized early on that, while our marriage was the priority, maintaining our friendships was always going to be something we wanted to work at too. I also found that leaving him alone with our sons was as good for him as it was for me.

My girlfriends were an escape from my busy mommy life and made me feel whole again. Just to have uninterrupted, adult conversation would have been enough.  But, what we also got were real-life discussions about how hard raising kids and managing careers was and how none of us had it all figured out. There was always a “tell it like it really is” code in our chats that was comforting.

My favorite moments on my weekends with my girls are still the simple ones.  Not the crazier, too-much-to-drink nights that you’d think (although those are a fave too).  Rather, I love the mornings when we are all lounging around with no makeup on, sipping coffee and just talking. These days, of course, we are all hangin’ in our JJs and that always puts a smile on my face.

As our kids have grown, so has our bond.  We have so many years invested in each other and are so keenly aware of each others triumphs and defeats throughout the years.  There are few secrets and many mirrors when I look in their faces that serve as reminders of who I am and where I come from. There are so many laughs to be had with the people who can remember all my bad hair phases and old boyfriends. Their memories are too long sometimes!

But, I wouldn’t trade it for anything and I’m sure I will keep doing them until I’m old and grey. My marriage is stronger because of these special times my husband and I have always encouraged each other to take. “Happy wife, happy life”, right? It makes sense to me. My girlfriends ground me, fuel me and are good for the soul. It’s never too late to start your own girl trip traditions… just gather your girls and go!

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