JJwinks Provides a Solution After Breast Surgery

JJwinks Provides a Solution After Breast Surgery

We love when customers share their “JJ Moments” with us.  One of the more special ones happened recently when we were told that our sleepwear/loungewear tops are the perfect comfort and camouflage for women post breast cancer surgeries.  

We can only imagine the range of emotions a woman goes through when trying to dress after a lumpectomy or mastectomy.  Depending on the procedure, there are many factors that make wearing the right top quite a challenge. Some of the recommendations we have come across for post-surgery dressing advice is to look for fabrics like jersey or modal that have natural give and are soft on your newly sensitive skin and scar tissue.  Since wires hurt, cups are not realistic. And thick padding is likely to press on areas that are still sensitive to the touch.  All of this means that our JJ tops provide a post-surgery solution as they meet all of this criteria.

Because of the design of our tops, you can forget the bra altogether.  Each of our tops have our inside shelf that we call our “Light Hug”.  The Light Hug™ is secured with soft elastic and means you don’t wear a bra but its carefully positioned gathers give the illusion that you have one on. It’s a dream to sleep and lounge in because it’s comfy camouflage and non-constricting support gives an attractive look even if you are completely flat underneath.   And, of course if a woman wants to still wear her breast prosthetic, it will fit comfortably.

We know you still want to look cute post surgery despite how you may feel.  The back double straps on our tops are soft and alluring. We offer subtle and sophisticated color fabrications so that if you decide to take your JJs out of, not just the bedroom but, the house, you will look stylish.   On a very personal note, one close friend and customer says she wears her JJs to chemo because her port is easy for the nurses to access while she is wearing her JJwinks Slumber Party top yet she still feels cute when she goes to her appointment.

We strive to empower women every day with design solutions that help you sleep and lounge braless whenever possible.  At JJwinks we want women to feel comfortable and modest at home and around others, but not to sacrifice looking stylish.  This concept is never more important than for a woman dealing with the discomfort of breast cancer treatment.  

We want to help you look cute from dusk to dawn despite these types of physical challenges.  See what our JJs can do for you at JJwinks.com.

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