JJ Environmental Efforts


Sustainability is at the core of what we do.

At JJwinks, we do our best to minimize our environmental footprint every step of the way from producing fabric, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping. 

It is easy to forget that the apparel industry is the second largest contributor to pollution in the world...just behind the Oil Industry. Fabrics like cotton and hemp require extreme water usage, with about 2700 liters involved in producing just one cotton t-shirt, while other fabrics such as polyester and nylon are made from fossil fuels that are some of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gasses and global warming.

At JJwinks, we do it differently.

Since the start of our journey, we set out with two goals to make our girlfriends better jammies:

1)  Use only U.S. sewers and fabric suppliers.

2) Minimize our environmental footprint by making our JJs from ONLY sustainable fabrics.

Every step of our manufacturing, from production to shipment, is done here in Los Angeles, California. Although outsourcing production to other countries may be more cost-effective, we have always had fears like unjust labor abuses and unsustainable practices...so we wanted to put our money and resources back into America rather than sending it elsewhere. We regularly visit our manufacturer and enjoy seeing the workers in a healthy environment where we can monitor each step of our production. 

Most importantly, our fabric is also proudly Made in the USA. The textile industry is convoluted with unsustainable practices in how fabrics are produced and dyed. Rather than using thirsty plants like cotton, our Lenzing Modal® fabric helps us steer away from these problems. This modal is a type of rayon harvested from beech trees which are one of the only completely natural and sustainable sources of raw material. In regards to shipping, our products are kept in poly bags made of a compostable material and shipped in a reusable and recycled poly mailer. We do not ship our products wrapped up in additional tissue paper or any other unnecessary paper or plastic. We feel minimizing our environmental impact is more important that a fancy presentation. We do offer gift wrap, but do so in a simple kraft box and a bow, avoiding wrapping paper.

Where our product is made and how our fabric is sourced are what enable us to provide a product that we believe is created in the true sense of “ethical manufacturing”.  

The bottom line is...

We are committed to green practices in every aspect of our business and are always looking for ways to make our business activities more environmentally friendly. This gives us confidence that our approach to how we make our JJs is a Win-Win for our customer, our country, and the environment.

Feel good in your luxuriously soft JJs and feel good about how they were made.