Covid, What?

Covid, What?

That’s what our team kept asking each other as we were facing the reality of “home sequestering” and “social distancing”. A few weeks ago those terms were not even in our vocabulary. But, very quickly we have realized that those words, and being forced to stay in, is now our new normal. 

Like all small businesses right now, we were terrified by the thought of what this new world could do to our company. We were shocked to find that our customers were beginning to appreciate us in a whole new way. We started hearing things like, “Your products are providing comfort in so many ways!” and “I love and appreciate my JJs even more these days.” Our JJ Team is extra emotional lately, so to hear these types of comments really warmed our hearts.

We feel like we have a whole new mission now. We started JJwinks because all we wanted was to be braless every minute we could be without everyone in our homes knowing. This Covid-19 life is showing us that we, and our customers, basically want to spend as little time in jeans or anything even slightly confining. It’s really beyond bras now and on to a new mission of comfortable living.

Everyone is working from home and finding few reasons to get dressed. Our favorite quote from a customer this week was, “Wearing my JJs now and about to change into my nighttime JJs.” Like, no one wants to get dressed these days because, why should they? This Covid-19 experience is showing us all how amazing life is without regular clothes! 

Imagine a world where it’s acceptable to just not try hard. Where wearing loose fitting, soft cozy clothes and no bra around the clock was the new normal. Wait, I think we are already living in that world and not just imagining it. We will hold on to every little splinter of hope that we can find in this terrible crisis. For now, the little bit of joy we get from being able to be comfy is going to have to be enough. Hang in there, everyone.

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