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Empowered Women Empower Women

"Empowered women empower women." No saying has meant more to us during these first years of building our business. Aside from the obvious necessities like funding and marketing, the support of our women friends and colleagues has been the biggest boost to our start-up.

Our age and gender could be a handicap. Two middle-aged moms deciding to start a business in an industry where they had little to no experience does not seem like a recipe for success. Yet, not one of the female friends that we respected around us tried to talk us out of it. On the contrary, they all said, “Go for it and what can I do to help?”  We especially liked that they were like, “Create classy ways for us to go braless? YES please!”

They helped us realize that our age means we have a worldview that a younger woman would not. Our gender means we have intuitiveness and empathy for what other women need that men don’t generally possess. And, being surrounded by strong, accomplished women who know how to get stuff done means we are never far from good advice, sound ideas and the gumption to help us get where need to go.

If you watch a lot of reality tv, you could assume that women are all backstabbing and trying to hold each other back. In real life, we have found the opposite to be true. The more successful, strong and confident our women friends are, the more they look to help lift us up. It’s remarkable, really, how amazing women friends can be.

In this #MeToo movement, it’s nice to see all generations speaking out about women helping to further other women. Because empowered women empower women. Especially women helping them live their most cozy, comfortable and braless life. :)

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