Feeling your best after having a baby.

Feeling your best after having a baby.

Yes, you can look chic leaving the hospital with a little one in your arms. It seems like an impossible task, but it’s not. The days following childbirth are exhausting. Being sleep-deprived with full boobs and an achey (and still big) belly are just some of the joys. Feeling good about yourself is one way to help you through postpartum.

A confining bra is uncomfortable. Our tops and nightgowns have a loose-fitting inside shelf we call our “Light Hug”. Customers tell us they can easily breastfeed in them. Since it hugs and doesn’t lift, we hear it feels just right for sore breasts.

Your pants will have to be stretchy but yoga pants are too tight on a recovering belly. Our high waistband and loose fit is the solution. And to stay modest and keep cozy, our robes will finish off the look.

Customer Kimmie (pictured here) told us, “I honestly felt so great leaving the hospital in my full outfit. Everyone was asking where it was from. It was so comfy, I stayed in it the whole next day.”

Share with your pregnant and nursing friends the inside track to help them find a way to look beautiful while being their most comfortable. Nobody needs a little advice more than a new mom. Hang in there, moms.

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