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How Loungewear Got Luxury

We love this article by Luke Sampson in While it is about Millenials, it describes the fashion motivation of just about every woman we know right now.

“Millenials have been hailed as the first generation to be more boring than their predecessors, which means much less partying and much more Netflix and (optional) chilling. According to market research company Mintel, a staggering 28% of young millennials (aged 24-31) can’t be bothered to even leave the house to go for drinks: they’d rather do it at home.

If you’re wondering what the hell that has to do with your wardrobe, it means a lot. More time indoors means that what you’re wearing during your downtime is more important than ever. ‘The growth in luxury loungewear as a category coincides with the increasing value people are putting into their homes, says Molly Goddard, one half of the brains behind luxury British loungewear brand Desmond & Dempsey. ‘As we are investing more time and money in our homes, we want quality loungewear to enjoy our space in.’

In a world of smart TVs and speakers that can crack (crap) jokes, lackluster loungewear no longer cuts the mustard. So, gone are bobbly nylon-mix tracksuits and T-shirts you don’t remember coming in your possession. In their place sits loungewear 2.0. It’s not just comfortable, it’s covetable. Call it the chill-luxe trend: your sweatpants got sumptuous. Hoodies are designer gear. Pajamas are now so opulent there are some who wear them instead of shirts.”

So, heck yeah, go get your JJs on and know that you aren’t alone.  Everyone is living for that moment when they can take their bra off and get into their comfy clothes just like you and me. It’s not just us -- it’s a movement!!

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