IT’S SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY! Why shopping small is a big deal

IT’S SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY! Why shopping small is a big deal

It’s easy to think small businesses get overshadowed by major corporations and Black Friday madness. But, they do have the upper hand when it comes to impacting the economy and pleasing their customers. Small businesses provide many benefits to consumers that large corporations simply cannot.

According to Forbes, “The Big Benefits of Small Business Saturday,” November 21, 2016, here are their top three benefits and how we do our best to take advantage of each one with our loungewear/sleepwear JJwinks.

  1. Unique Offerings

Small business get to offer one-of-a-kind products and services. We do our best to style and approve each of our products, making sure that every single piece contains the unique features that make our products what women love. While large companies want to just mass produce apparel for the biggest profit margins, the small scale production ensures the perfection of every piece.

  1. Exceptional Service

As we build our company, we truly care about the input and concerns from every customer. We do our best to answer every Facebook comment, email, and phone call and are able to make special exceptions whenever needed to please a customer. Every order is personally packaged and approved with our own hands so we can make sure each and every one is perfect. No red tape and a lot of “yes” we can do that. And, we can react to customer feedback immediately, updating styles and features based on the requests of what you all tell us (and we love it, so keep ‘em coming!).

  1. Access to Experts

Nobody knows more about a woman’s need to be braless every second possible than the two women designing JJwinks. We live it, we understand it. We get that a woman should be able to look beautiful when she feels the most comfortable.

Yes, we have a tactical team assembled to keep this JJ ship moving. But, at the end of the day, we are two women trying to change the world, one covered headlight at a time. We have a direct link to our customer because of our size and that can only make us more fierce in the long run. Get your JJs On!

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