My JJ Moment

My JJ Moment

I’m having a JJ moment right now.  These moments are why Lisa and I decided to start a business making loungewear/sleepwear.

It’s spring break for one of my college-age sons, Sean.  He and his two friends spent the night last night. I forgot they were here this morning as I stumbled out of bed beelining for the coffee.  So, when all of a sudden, one-by-one they came gathering in the kitchen with me, I was startled.

The old me would have run out of the kitchen to cover myself because surely my boobs had to be showing through whatever stupid excuse for pajamas I was wearing.  But, I found myself greeting each of them and acting like mother-of-the-year as I whipped up some egg burritos. We sat around drinking coffee and laughing and all of a sudden I looked down and thought to myself, “Wow, I don’t look like crap right now and I’m not embarrassed to have these young men seeing me in my pajamas.”  

That, my friends, is a JJ moment.

Since I will probably not change out of my JJs until late into this lounge-worthy weekend morning, this won’t be my last JJ moment today. I’m going to keep rocking this “Room Service Nightgown” for as long as I can until something I do calls for a real pair of pants or something. But, until then...

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