Does my husband care what I wear around the house?

Does my husband care what I wear around the house?

I never thought much about what I looked like behind closed doors.  I usually slept in my worn-out t-shirt. It’s screen-printed logo served as camouflage so my boobs wouldn’t show through it. And I’d pair it with my sexy flannel Jammie pants. Ugh. What an oxymoron “sexy flannel” is.  There’s no such thing.

Like most women I know, I would get so task-oriented at home and just try to get stuff done for the family, and, occasionally for me. It didn’t occur to me to make any effort at all around the house in terms of my fashion sense. In my mind they were lucky to have food on the table and some laundry done, so suck it up.

When I think back, though, I know why I never felt or looked remotely attractive at home or when I raced off to school drop off. My only goal was to be braless. However I had to dress to make sure no one noticed that I was flying free was all that mattered. In my mind it was like, I look good when I have to. Doesn’t have to be at home or at carpool.

Fast forward to the development of our loungewear/sleepwear, JJwinks. And, OMG, for the first time in my life my husband will look at me when I’m home and go, “Oh, Honey, you look cute tonight.”  

What? Who am I? Who is this creature he is referring to? Yup, it’s me. And, our customers tell us the same thing. They love how looking cute in their downtime makes them feel good. And if they have to run out for a minute in their “JJs”, they are not caught looking like like crap.  They look like they kind of have it together. (Even though most of us don’t.)

So at the end of the day, I’m not sure if it matters if my husband cares what I look like when I want to be comfortable. I care. And, let’s face it, when Momma feels and looks good, the whole world is a better place.

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