Ready for Take-Off? Packing for the first leg of your trip is the most important.

When it comes to traveling, most of us overpack and overstress about what to bring.  We know that less is more but this philosophy is hard to stick to. Whether going on a long-haul flight or a short weekend getaway, the struggle always begins with what to wear and bring on the plane.  If you can streamline this part of the process, than you set yourself up for success when it comes to the rest of your packing.

What to wear on the plane

Sweats are tempting.  But, if you’ve evolved into someone who likes to look a little more put together when flying, there are better options.  Here are some things to consider first:

  • Comfort
  • Warmth since airports and planes are always cold
  • Clothes that won’t show dirt or wrinkles
  • Can some of the pieces I wear on the plane be useful again on my trip?
  • Can I not look like I just rolled out of bed and into the airport even if I did.

The immediate answer to the above:  stretchy pants. Yay. And, not constricting yoga pants but comfortable ones.  I plan my whole outfit around the stretchy pants. My JJwinks Happy Hour pant in black or charcoal are the perfect soft and forgiving bottom. I pair that with one of my JJ tops so that nobody can tell I’m braless and wrap it all up in the JJ Hygge robe and I’ve checked off all the boxes in terms of what makes sense to wear on the plane.  

This outfit also allows for multi-use once you get to your destination.  If going somewhere with warm weather, take the robe off when you land and you will still look cute and comfy. Since the pieces are all made to sleep in, of course you can use them for that once there.  But, you can use the robe as your sweater throughout your trip and have an extra top and pant to interchange with the rest of your outfits.

For your feet, it’s slip on shoes because they are easy to get on and off at security.  I like to kick mine off during long flights so I make sure to also wear with a small sock or, at least, bring socks in my carry-on because bare feet get cold on planes.  

The last thing to wear is a scarf.  Scarfs make any outfit look put together.  But, there’s also the functional part which is that it keeps your neck warm and can double as a blanket if the thought of using an airplane blanket grosses you out like it does some people.

What to bring

Here is a list of some other must-haves for the plane to never board without.  They seem obvious but warrant adding to your list just in case.

Entertainment: Having plenty to entertain you is critical.  Pack a few of those magazines you never have time to get through for that timeframe when the flight attendant makes you put away your devices during takeoff and landing.  And ALWAYS have an e-reader, tablet or laptop! Even though airlines like Virgin and JetBlue have the tv screens at each seat, every once in a while you could be in the one seat where the tv doesn’t work.  Not having enough to do can make for a painful flight if it’s a long one. Or, a long layover miserable. Always have a movie or two downloaded on your device. Do this the night before and make sure all books and movies are downloaded and not just purchased.  I’ve made that mistake before. Ugh! (Wifi is a rare travel companion.) Bring your own earphones and a splitter for the option to share a movie with your travel partner. And, don’t forget your charger!

Moisturizer/makeup: Cabin air sucks the life out of skin.  I always look like I’ve aged 5 years by the end of a flight.  Even a small container of eye cream helps. Dab that around your eyes before you land to add some life back to your face.  Keep your makeup bag in your carry-on purse with a small mirror for touch-ups in the seat before landing and you’ll have your makeup with you in case your luggage is ever lost.  Just be sure that each individual item in it is under 4 ounces to not get that $60 eye cream confiscated at security. Eye drops are a good idea too.

Last few tips:  If you are traveling to a cold climate, carry your biggest jacket on the plane to save suitcase space and to have it available as soon as you land.  Make sure your water bottle is full before boarding the plane. Bring a neck pillow so you don’t have to buy it at the airport if you already have one.  

Now, you are ready for Take Off!  Put that seat back, drop down that tray table and get cozy.

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This is great advice! I love my JJ’s and wouldn’t go on a trip without them! The top is my favorite. Bras seem so passe.

Susan April 08, 2018

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