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  • Earth Day 2020 and the Covid-19 Impact

    Earth Day 2020 and the Covid-19 Impact

    Earth Day is this week. Experiencing it during this Covid-19 Quarantine makes it an interesting time to reflect on how each of us impacts the environment. As with every crisis there is an opportunity. The “shelter in place” in most...

  • Covid, What?

    Covid, What?

    That’s what our team kept asking each other as we were facing the reality of “home sequestering” and “social distancing”. A few weeks ago those terms were not even in our vocabulary. But, very quickly we have realized that those...

  • The Best Advice Mom Ever Gave Us

    The Best Advice Mom Ever Gave Us

    Inspired by Mother’s Day weekend, we began asking our girlfriends what is the best advice your mom ever gave you? Because moms know stuff. Not just how to get whites white or how to boil an egg, but the big...

  • Why Sustainable Fashion Matters

    Why Sustainable Fashion Matters

    On this Earth Day, most of us will pat ourselves on the back for recycling our cans, conserving water, installing solar panels and the like. But, despite all those efforts, you probably don’t realize that you most likely are inherently...

  • Feeling your best after having a baby.

    Feeling your best after having a baby.

    Although it was not our intention, we have received tremendous feedback from women going through pregnancy or postpartum and have found comfort in wearing JJwinks. Whether you are in the hospital or lounging at home, avoiding confining bras is essential! Come see what women have to say.
  • Female entrepreneurs

    Empowered Women Empower Women

    "Empowered women empower women." No saying has meant more to us during these first years of building our business. Aside from the obvious necessities like funding and marketing, the support of our women friends and colleagues has been the biggest...